"So, the fact that you could take what little I had, and make something out of it, was remarkable. If I ever need anything legally I will think of you. You were always caring, calm and in control so that I could pretend to be in control when underneath I was almost hysterical."

-Probate Client
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The Law Office of John W. Bissell, P.C. is a criminal and family law firm located in East Lansing, Michigan. Our professional mission centers on delivering comprehensive legal services to protect the rights and interests of individuals..

We help clients solve complicated legal problems:

Legal issues arise when you least expect them. We help clients face and resolve these issues successfully. We are readily available to answer your questions and litigate if necessary.

Do not take unnecessary risks when your family relationships and economic security hang in the balance. Instead, reach out to our firm for professional guidance
and advocacy.

Contact our firm for straight-forward legal counsel and down-to-earth advice.